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Protecting Our Water

Ten Ways to Reduce Nonpoint Source Pollution 

The City of Yerington is developing a plan to manage stormwater in our area.  With some simple behavioral changes, everyone can easily reduce his or her contribution to polluted stormwater (nonpoint source pollution). 

  1. Check for leaking fluids (oil, grease, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc.) on your vehicle – this helps you in the end by avoiding costly repairs!
  2. Never pour oil or other chemicals down storm drains, on soil or in trash
  3. Recycle used oil, antifreeze and batteries – some businesses will recycle them free of charge!
  4. Properly use fertilizers and pesticides and avoid using them within 75 feet of waterways, wetlands, cisterns and wellheads
  5. Don’t apply fertilizers and pesticides before or during rain events – why waste your money on a chemical that will be washed away!
  6. Purchase household chemicals in quantities that you can use in a reasonable amount of time – why buy an excessive quantity of detergent just for it to spill or expire?  Keep your money in your pocket!
  7. Use your garden and landscape to capture runoff from roofs, decks, driveways and paths – your plants could use the water!
  8. Clean up and properly dispose pet or livestock waste because they contain nutrients and pathogens that contaminate surface water and cause health problems in humans!
  9. Don’t wash your car on the street instead take it to a certified car wash or if you wash it at home, park on a lawn area – your grass will get watered at the same time, saving you time and money by getting two chores done at once!
  10. Don’t hose down driveways or sidewalks – this wastes water and washes pollutants into the storm drain, instead, sweep these areas and dispose of materials in the trash.


Protecting Our Water Action Guide Series

Please click the following links to help us protect our most precious resource, WATER!


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