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City of Yerington Mission and Vision Statements
Mission Statement

The City of
Yerington’s mission is to provide citizens with the following:

  • Provide and plan for stable and controlled economic development within the city
  • Controlled growth of the community and preservation of quality of life
  • Emergency preparedness to mitigate emergencies in the city
  • Construction standards and inspections that ensure all buildings are built with life safety in mind and aesthetically suitable for the community
  • A cost effective water distribution system
    • A continuous supply of top-quality drinking water
    • A sanitary sewer collection and treatment system
    • An airport that can accommodate up to medium sized business class jets
    • First-class streets and;
  • Park and recreation areas for people to relax, enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time with their families. 

 The City of Yerington’s motto is “Providing for progressive government and general welfare of the public”.  In order to accomplish our mission and live up to our motto, city employees are required to be proficient in a vast array of professions such as management, judicial, law enforcement, clerk, bookkeeping, park maintenance, building inspection, planning, zoning, aviation services, plumbing, carpentry, electrician, equipment operation, and road construction and maintenance.  This day and age however, proficiency alone is not enough and attitudes need to change to a mind-set that says, “What was good enough for yesterday will not be good enough for tomorrow, and I need to do something a little better each day”. 

Vision Statement

Broadly defined, the City of
Yerington consists of the mayor, city council, management team, municipal court, police department, public works and all other administrative functions of a local government.  Both city officials and employees, alike, make use of this vision statement to remain focused on the city’s core values and to stay in touch with what the primary functions and responsibilities of the city are.

We value, respect, appreciate, support and encourage input from each tax-paying citizen in our city and we strive to be acknowledged by them as “accommodating and enthusiastic” about the operations and management of city government. Our employees remain committed to serving the public, being proactive and retaining the mind-set “What can I do for you?”

We achieve this by:

Supporting all community-based programs such as those developed by the Chamber of Commerce.

Offering high quality low-cost service to our customers.

§         Providing an open forum for all questions, comments and suggestions.

§         Facilitating the use of technology, specifically electronic and communication technology, to reduce expenses, thereby keeping taxes at a minimum.

§         Maintaining a high level of training and be ready to provide support anytime, anywhere or anyplace.
§         Capitalizing on the talents of our employees to provide a cross-trained workforce.

Identifying root causes of problems and correct them when they are small.

Continuing to reduce costs while providing maximum productivity and efficiency.

§         Remaining focused on maintaining the mind-set “how may I help you?”

§         Maintain a superior attitude and strive to get notes from customers telling us how well they were treated.

§         Learning to accept “Change” and be able to recognize that change is a good thing for the growth opportunities it brings…i.e., e-Business, technology, materials, construction methods, etc.

Remaining respected, responsive and reliable.

Looking to the future, not to the past.

Most of all; Always looking at the “Big Picture”

City of Yerington • 102 S. Main St. Yerington, NV 89447 • 775-463-3511
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