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February 13, 2020


Recently, the City of Yerington sewage lagoon system suffered toxic shock from chemicals or concentrated organic matter which has made its way into the sewer collection lines causing an extreme odor problem. It is likely due to illegal dumping of sufficient quantities of chemicals or organic matter which have overwhelmed and “killed” the normal aerobic activity of a healthy lagoon system. In order to re-establish healthy processing ponds, the City is undertaking the following steps:

1. In consultation with our contract engineering firm, the City has ordered a three-part chemical solution process which will introduce healthy bacteria, oxygenate the ponds, and help remove lingering odors.

2. The City Council has passed a measure to shut down the RV dump adjacent to the baseball fields which had allowed unmonitored dumping of wastes. We are looking for other areas where dumping may have or could occur and are working to eliminate those as well.

3. Public Works staff is working with businesses to educate about hazards of sending potential harmful chemicals such as chlorine, toluene, paint solvents, and other wastes which will have a detrimental impact on our sewage lagoon system.

4. The City is working with state authorities on odor mitigation efforts.

For residential users; please do not pour solvents, chemicals, or grease down your drain; dispose toxic wastes by appropriate means at an approved acceptance facility.

For commercial users: make sure grease traps are in place and functioning; dispose of toxic chemicals to appropriate facilities and not by dumping into the Yerington sewage system.

Robert Switzer

City Manager

February 17, 2020 – City Hall will be CLOSED in observance of President’s Day

February 24, 2020 – City Council Meeting, 10 am at City Hall