Animal Control & Shelter

Located at 215 Trowbridge Road, Yerington, NV 89447

If you need to report a loose animal and you live in the Yerington City limits please call the City of Yerington Animal Shelter at (775) 463-6578 or City Hall at (775) 463-3511


The City of Yerington’s local animal shelter has many dogs that are looking for their fur-ever home, so please take the time to make sure this pet is right for you, your family and any other pets you may have at home.

All adoptions are final. 

This is Olive (black) and Hazel (brown).They are Labs that were found near the highway at the sunflower restaurant in Mason Valley on Feb  14.  They will soon be moved to the county animal shelter in Silver Springs, but can be found at the Yerington Shelter in the meantime.

This is Chin-Chin. He is a 12 week old cattle dog mix. He will be medium sized and is a fun, healthy pup

Paco is a 12 week old cattle dog mix pup. He is ready to be adopted and is waiting at the shelter along with his brother Chin-chin. Paco is beautiful and sweet and will be medium sized when he is grown.

Budah is a lovely, sweet male pit mix and is under one year old. Budah would make a wonderful family dog and is not rough or overly energetic. However, he should not be around small dogs or other small critters.

Meet Artie. He is a friendly two year old male pit bull mix. He is quiet and sweet with people, but not with other dogs. Artie would be a good couch potato, service type dog for someone wanting an only-dog companion.

Meet Bella. She is a friendly, medium sized cattle dog-lab mix. She came to the shelter at the end of January with her litter of pups and is probably just over one year old. She has had no training but seems smart and willing, with enthusiastic energy. Bella would be a good watch dog but she’s not aggressive or vicious at all.

Chica is a beautiful doxy-lab mix about two or three years old. She is somewhat shy of people but could be won over with love in the right home environment. She would also welcome the company of another dog.

King is a fun, sweet, 9 month old pit-mix pup. He gets along with all people and dogs, but cats are unknown. He would make a wonderful family pet and will be easy to train since he is so young and agreeable.

This is charming little Bear. He is a small terrier mix of about two or three years old. He is very personable and is learning to walk on a leash. Bear has an appointment at the dog groomer on February 12, just in time to be beautiful for Valentines day! He seems to get along with everyone.

Louie is a gorgeous Labrador retriever pup. He was brought to the shelter as the last pup in a local litter. Louie is very sweet and rather shy but kindness and cuddles will socialize him and bring him out of his shell. He is 16 weeks old and it looks like he will become a full sized Lab. He is quiet and loves to be held.

Pumpkin is a friendly 2-year-old who came to the shelter as a stray. She is probably a mix of bird dog, boxer and lab. She loves people and has lots of good energy. She gets along with most dogs, and would love to go to a home with active people.

Remi is a pretty, black and white pit mix, about two years old. Remi is quiet, sweet, friendly with people, but sometimes shy and can be won over with treats and scratches. Unfortunately, she is not good with other dogs. Remi would make a great service or companion dog for a person or household with no other pets.

Lost or Surrendered Animals

Impounded animals are held for five days to allow the owner to reclaim their pet. If an adoptable animal is not reclaimed during that time, the animal is put up for adoption to the public.

The shelter does not adopt out aggressive, sick, injured, or nuisance animals.